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Unite By Night North Buffalo Flashlight Walk

The recent events in Virginia were upsetting to Americans across the country. So we got our friends, family and neighbors together for a "flashlight walk" in our beautiful and welcoming North Buffalo neighborhood, to celebrate and stand up for the beauty of diversity, and the importance of fighting against racism and discrimination in our community. It's a good reminder that positive change starts with what you do in your own community. Our local start up group organized this small, neighborhood walk by flashlight together, simply to congregate with our neighbors, those we know and those who we don't yet. This was to come together as the diverse and welcoming community that we are, and to help shine light on the NFJCWNY, which is the first local organization the Unite by Night nonprofit group has devoted a year of service to.

To learn more about us check out:

...and this great story on WBFO:

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