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SUNY Diversity Conference a Success!

On December 1 in Albany, NY, Unite By Night co-founders Samantha Sowah and Emily Burns Perryman presented a session at the SUNY Diversity Conference.

SUNY has committed itself to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for all. As educators and leaders, the SUNY system is actively engaged in building an equity mindset and developing wide-reaching campus initiatives that encourage inclusivity and diminish bias and discrimination. These initiatives must involve the classroom, the campus and our surrounding communities if they are to be successful. These successes are often the result of individuals taking small actions, which over time work to create systematic change.

Unite By Night was proud to join SUNY as they continue to work towards change by sharing ideas and strategies for engaging stakeholders in their equity and access imperative, and as they celebrate a decade of work by the SUNY Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Unite BY Night co-founders Sam and Emily spoke about the first year of their nonprofit start up one year of service model and the challenges faced and lessons learned.

You can view their presentation and many others by clicking HERE.

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