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North Buffalo Flashlight Walk 2018

Unite by Night is a local nonprofit startup dedicated to celebrating diversity, encouraging frank but honest conversations about divisive topics to identify common ground, and to fight against racism, bias and discrimination within our community and beyond. We are proud to host our 2nd Annual North Buffalo Flashlight Walk in August. Join neighbors, friends and family for a walk together around beautiful North Buffalo. Facebook event: Our Event Background- Last August's happenings in Charlottesville, Virginia were upsetting and unsettling to Americans across the country. This event was developed to get our friends, family and neighbors together for a "flashlight walk" in our beautiful and welcoming North Buffalo neighborhood, to celebrate and stand up for the beauty of diversity, and the importance of fighting against racism and discrimination in our community. It's a good reminder that positive change can start right in your own neighborhood, collaborating and connecting with others. This event is also intended to shine light on the SSJ Sister Karen Klimczak Center for Nonviolence (, the local nonprofit organization that Unite by Night has dedicated one year of service and volunteerism to. The SSJ Sister Karen Center provides training, supplies resources, and builds community relationships for nonviolence education for communities. We are proud to help support them! To learn more about the important work of the SSJ Sister Karen Center, check them out here: or find them on Facebook. This Year's Event- Please bring and invite your friends and family, and have a flashlight to light our walk together. Strollers, wagons, dogs on leashes all welcome to join in. We'll meet at the North Park Academy lawn in front of the flag pole and after a few remarks, some fun giveaways including snacks and glowsticks for the kids and a nice group photo or two, we will begin our walk around the neighborhood. Route will start down Parkside Ave, weaving through the neighborhood to Hertel Ave, with a photo op stop in front of the North Park theater. We'll finish walking back through the neighborhood to the North Park Academy lawn for some more photos together. Feel free to join in or out as we go. Hope to see you there! #Buffalove by light, uniting by night.

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