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AGEISM: The Unspoken Bias Impacting Each Stage of a Woman's Life

Happy to help our friends at the WNY Women's Foundation promote their upcoming event on 12/7.

This informative event features guest speaker Ann Monroe, nationally renowned expert on health and human services and former president of the Health Foundation of Western & Central NY.

During the 1.5 hour event the session will allow attendees to:

  • Learn about the nature of ageism and how women suffer the most from its consequences.

  • Learn how ageism affects the young, mid-career and older people in subtle but harmful ways.

  • Review the latest research about how to fight ageism in our workplaces, our communities and in our public policies

  • Reflect on how each of us might perpetuate the stereotype in our own lives and how to look at age through a new lens

Women of all ages will benefit from attending this event as ageism effects everyone.

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