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Monthly Motivator: Eann Robinson

1) Tell us about yourself

Eann Robinson is a native of Niagara Falls, NY but has resided in Buffalo for about 4 years now. Eann received his bachelor’s degree in Music Business w/ a communication minor, from Fredonia University. He then received his master’s degree in Higher Education/Student Affairs from Buffalo State.

As an undergrad at Fredonia University, Eann and his best friend Kiman Executive produced their first musical project, all recorded in their college apartment, Apartment 711. The compilation was called “Welcome to 711”. Welcome to 711 gives the listener an insight into their college experience through Eann & Kiman’s lens. Shortly after the release of Welcome to 711, Eann and Kiman started a business together turning it to an LLC.

In 2018, Eann started his business with his best friend Kiman called Ear Quality, LLC. Ear Quality is an Artist Relations company that strives to create an ecosystem that assists and supports artists in their creativity. The company’s primary focus is on educating, finding, developing, marketing, and promoting up-incoming artists & creatives. He currently works with Che Noir & Mvrro and has worked with Kal V, Amber Simone, Tru Journey, and Kane Wave to name a few. Eann tends to be a go-to music executive for upcoming talents in understanding the business of music and assisting artist(s)/creatives in connecting the dots.

The Pandemic was a difficult time for Eann but he leaned on what he loves the most. Music & talking to people. During this ambiguous time, Eann had created a playlist in 2020 on Apple Music/Spotify called "Bombers & Ties" which now has almost 100+ listeners across Apple and Spotify. Additionally, Eann created his own virtual show called "Check-ins w/ Eann The Ear". This is where he connected with his former 2012 High School classmates, quickly turning into interviewing creatives, entrepreneurs and more in the buffalo area such as Che Noir, Platinum producer Kal-V, and Schondra the writer: Founder of Sneakvibin. Interviewing viral illustrator “Indaviduall” on his African interpretation of Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Additionally, Eann manages an artist/producer by the name of MVRRO. Mvrro is the first Buffalonian (local) producer to have their music in WBLK's 7 at 7 and not enter at number 7 but number 6 with a song he produced called "Want It All '' By Amber Simone.

Eann is also part of Buffalo’s Urban League for young professionals and takes time out to educate high school students about the importance of higher education and how to navigate college as a first-generation student and/or student of color.

2) What are the advocacy issues you support

*Higher education *Mental Health within the Black community *Housing Discrimination

* Music Industry & Music Streaming Reform

3) What advice would you give to up-and-coming professionals

a) Be Organized - Use a personal organization system and be organized with your daily tasks. This can help you develop good habits and make you well-organized.

b) Welcome Feedback - Always welcome feedback and take this opportunity to improve things and your skills. People learn from mistakes and grow from them to develop their skills.

c) Value Your Network - In addition to building a network of people you can use as connections in the future, it is vital to value them. By valuing them, you are building a relationship that can last for a very long time.

d) Value Your Health - Above everything else, taking care of your health is one of the most important things to advance in your career. Taking care of yourself is also essential to do all the things you need for work to advance. You’ll be surprised how much more you can do when you organize your daily schedule rather than just doing things on the fly.

4) What do you love best about Buffalo Niagara/WNY

* The People * The Beer *The rich history/landscape of Buffalo

5) How would you encourage people to fight against racism, bias, and discrimination

* VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! * Speak-up * Educate yourself * Teach Acceptance

6) Anything else to add?

Ear quality plans to roll out packages in the new year. The packages will consist of unique ways to work with the EQ team


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