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It started with conversation...

Currents events, new stories and happenings in the U.S. in 2016 prompted our small group of friends to have very different conversations than we typically had in the past. Now instead of chats about reality TV, celebrity gossip or sports, our dialogue consisted of our thoughts, fears, and concerns about issues such as racism, bias, discrimination, and divisiveness. We realized then that we shared specific critical concerns and all felt passionately about mobilizing to create positive change and work towards greater good starting right in our own community.

In January of 2017, several now co-founders of Unite By Night attended the Women's March on Washington. It was during this road trip and very personal, life changing experience, that the idea of civic involvement, engagement, and service became took shape, and the idea of creating a small, nonprofit startup came to life.

Meeting in the evenings after work and life slowed down a bit, the group strategized and determined a twelve months of service model, to be dedicated to the local nonprofits that align with their values. Knowing that amazing work was already being done around Buffalo, the group proposed to help fill in holes, address pain points, and provide a fresh perspective and connection to young professionals and other new audiences, to help nonprofits achieve their goals and fulfill their important missions.

Unite By Night was created in a handful of evenings together, but aims to work hard each year to support local nonprofits no matter what time of day.

Looking forward to expand to other cities across the country, as well as college campuses, Unite By Night strives to get people together to converse, collaborate, and challenge themselves to use their education, creativity, skills and abilities to work towards positive change and common good.

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